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Vitamix 5200 vs 5300: Is There a Difference?

Last updated 2nd January 2018 We all know the importance of having a solid and sufficient counter top blender for your juicing needs. That said, it’s not only for people who are into healthy juices and refreshing beverages but for anyone who loves cooking and meal preparation. It can be used in more ways than […]

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Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Review

Last updated: 2nd January 2018 A lot of people come to this site because they’re looking to a) buy a new juicer for the first time or b) upgrade their current juicer. We don’t do negative reviews. No, this doesn’t mean that we think everything is great, far from it. We just don’t have any […]

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New Generation Juicer by SKG Review

Last updated: 2nd January 2018 As you continue your journey on your path to fitness, tools such as this juicer by SKG can be a total time saver. The innovative, easy-to-use design allows you to juice your favorite fruit and veggie concoctions in just a few minutes, with little or no prep time. This model […]

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