New Generation Juicer by SKG Review

SKG Wide Chute

Last updated: 2nd January 2018

As you continue your journey on your path to fitness, tools such as this juicer by SKG can be a total time saver. The innovative, easy-to-use design allows you to juice your favorite fruit and veggie concoctions in just a few minutes, with little or no prep time.

This model is a 240W powerhouse that is designed with extraordinarily modern parts and an almost elegant paint job to give your kitchen the elegant touch it craves. This juicer isn’t only pretty to look at but it boosts a 16 lbs body, making it one of the sturdiest juicers in the juice making industry, thankfully it has a chunky handle to help carry the machine without needing to hold on to the whole body.

This model presents an amazing three-inch wide chute feed which gives you a bigger opening to insert bigger chunks of food or many more smaller pieces all at once. The speed remains at an impressive 60 RPM which typically is slower than typical masticating juicers, however, this gives more time to fully extract the juice from your foods, which in turn works to minimize waste! Due to the slower speed, this juicer also helps to minimize oxidation. This helps to keep the nutrients in tact and in your juice, where they belong! Until, of course, they reach your body.

What We Like & What We Don’t About this Model by SKG

There are quite a few aspects of this juicer that we adore, and why it is one of the best masticating juicers going. Firstly, it has it offers impressive clogging resistance. The big mouth wide chute makes it so it’s easier to juice, prevents oxidation and is easier to clean. When there is minimal oxidation the juice will taste better and is much more nutritious, and lasts an much longer than an average juice pressed by a heated juicer. The little clogging is all thanks to the wide chute. If the juicer does become clogged, you may press the reverse rotation button for a few moments while it unclogs. It also features a sealed juicing space that is completely drip free, this again keeps all important health benefits in, until you’re ready to drink them up.

It will save you time that would otherwise be dedicated to prep work. The low speed of this juicer gives its users more bang for their buck as you can be assured this machine will get most of the minerals and vitamins out of your produce.

The values you can expect from this juicer are endless. You can expect a high juice yield of an orange 80%, pear 82%, apple 74%, celery 68%, carrot 44%. It has the ability to make sorbet and tofu as well. Sometimes you will find pulp in the juice, which in many cases (if you’re a pulp lover) this is a pleasant surprise. Finding some pulp in your juice is common masticating juicers. However, if this happens and you’re not happy about it, you can simply use a filter to strain out the juice you want, it doesn’t add too much time during your juicing period. If you do decide to use these bits (which we highly recommend as they are packed with nutrients), this pulp can then be used in soups, rice, cakes, and much more. Again, the pulp we’re discussing at this moment is not the same as the tough fiber pulp that is discarded through the exit of the machine. Those bits should be tossed out right away as all of their nutrients have already been extracted, there’s no need to keep them around for any reason.

Due to the juicer’s sheer size, it’s perfect for a family of four who’s looking to shift into or maintain a healthy juicing lifestyle. Unfortunately with the size, the weight has to accommodate- meaning this is a much heavier juicing machine. Wherever you decide to park it, it’s probably best to leave it there, as it’s permanent residence. In addition to the size and weight, this machine isn’t necessarily the quietest, however you wouldn’t expect this as it is a powerhouse boss machine made for juicing the toughest foods, and to be honest, with the quality you get with this juicer, I don’t mind a little bit of noise. If you’re still looking for an alternative, checkout the Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer.

It’s also extraordinarily safe, as the system automatically shuts off if the motor starts to overwork and overheat. The juicer may shut off if the power supply is unstable or if it was assembled incorrectly. If or when this happens, you must be patient, as this will lock the machine for one hour- perhaps not ideal if you’re in a rush!

Warranties always give us a higher incentive on purchasing, because we want to feel protected if we make a big purchase, plus this is not a cheap machine. The warranty is fantastic as it offers five years on all parts and ten years warranty on the motor and main body. Thanks to that guarantee, we feel inclined to even buy these as gifts for other families!

Final Thoughts Wide Chute Juicer

If you’re looking for the best juicer on the market, the New Generation Juicer by SKG should definitely be at the top of your list. This machine is exceptionally sturdy and heavy and proves its quality just by its weight and size. However with all that kitchen counter space that’s lost, the juicer will do exactly what you purchased it for-juice out the foods you give it. This is not just any large juicer, this one claims to keep most of the nutrients in your healthy juices – and it does! We love the sleek and modern design of this red juicer and looks fantastic on our kitchen countertops. As much as we want to be efficient and juice to stay happy and healthy, we also don’t mind the touch of elegance it gives with its chunky body design. Who says kitchenware had to be ugly? Not SKG!