16 Reasons Why Spinach is THE BEST

green juice in glassWe love spinach here at JuiceTheJuice. It just has SO MUCH going for it. It’s insanely good for you (more on that below), and it also is one of the tastier superfoods. It works amazingly well in breakfasts with poached eggs, and can be cooked into pastas, curries and other meals as a way to immediately make them healthier and to get your five a day boosted. Soups too! Don’t forget soups. That’s the hot equivalent of getting a bit more spinach into you in ‘juice’ form.

Spinach is part of a pretty impressive family. It’s in the chenopodiaceae (say that five times fast) family, which contains beets, chard and quinoa. Basically, it’s an all-out beast.

We wanted to take a quick look at all the ways spinach improve our health and our lives.

1. It has like, no calories

Ok that’s not QUITE true, but a hundred grams has 23 calories, which is basically nothing. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, substituting a grain for spinach in your meals will definitely get you in the right direction.

2. Flippin' Full of Fiber

It is full of fiber, more specifically insoluble fiber. This improves your digestive system in general, as it aids in food moving through the body quicker. Metabolism boosts are also an occurrence. If you’re constipated…………. Eat spinach.

3. Flippin' Full of Protein

Spinach has more protein than most other vegetables. The exceptions are peas and beans. That means that if you’re a vegetarian or vegan and want to ensure you’re getting enough protein, eating lots of spinach will help.

4. It aids weight loss

spinachIt has a glycemic index of 15. This equates to it being a very good vegetable to aid in weight loss, get rid of cellulite and get rid of the extra flab that you’re DYING to shift.

5. Rich in Potassium

100g has 558mg of potassium. This is LOADS and is actually more than bananas, which is always mentioned in the same sentence as potassium. Potassium does many fine things, such as help bone density and maintain muscle mass. It is also really good for gut health, and prevents kidney stones.

6. It can slow the onset of Alzheimer’s

It has loads and loads of vitamin K. This slows and prevents neural damage in the brains of patients with Alheimer’s. It’s really great for brain health in general, and can even prevent Alzheimer’s if eaten regularly.

7. Will Give You Energy

You will get a lot of energy from spinach. This comes primarily from the B vitamins. It will help to keep your energy active and fluent throughout the day and is a great moderator of energy.

8. It’s an antioxidant

Feeling gross? Well, some spinach will boost your immune system quite soon after consumption, and helps fight infections and colds & flus.

9. It Regulates Hunger

The chlorophyll in spinach means that it helps to regulate hunger, but also blood sugar levels, and it can make you feel fuller after eating. There are numerous studies that have backed this up and therefore it adds to the claim that it is brilliant at regulating weight and aiding weight loss.

10. It helps asthma

It has beta-carotene. This lowers risks such as developing asthma. If you were to consume it regularly enough then you could prevent asthma entirely! Now that’s kinda cool.

11. Useful for Pregnancy

Spinach contains a high amount of folate, which encourages normal development of the unborn’s nervous system. It is fantastic for tissue growth and will also encourage proper functioning of cells in the baby. There is no bad thing about adding spinach to your diet if pregnant.

12. You going bald? Eat spinach!

As spinach is super rich in iron, it will prevent hair loss. Iron deficiency is a core factor in hair loss, and so the consumption of more iron in your diet will strengthen your hair follicles and will ultimately help you keep those luscious locks for longer.

13. Spinach and thyroid problems

Loads of people have issues with their thyroid gland. Spinach has loads of iodine, which helps the cells in the thyroid, as they are the only ones who can absorb iodine efficiently.

14. Easily Absorbed

As we mentioned above, it will help with constipation. This is because it is easily absorbed into the system, and it will never leave you feeling bloated or stuffy.

15. It is a natural anti-inflammatory

It has lots and lots of anti-inflammatory properties. Dentists regularly recommend it to treat inflammation in the mouth.

16. Spinach and eye health

It really reduces cataracts risks, because of the high amount of lutein and zea-xanthin, which are fancy named antioxidants.


And so there you have it! We are sure that we have convinced you (not that you needed much convincing… you ARE on a juicing website) that spinach is the bomb. It is a natural plant that nourishes us more than anything processed ever can.

It is only ever going to cause benefits and therefore go to your local store, get some spinach and add it to all of your juices to improve your life just that little bit more.