Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Review

tribest green star elite gse 5000 review

Last updated: 2nd January 2018

A lot of people come to this site because they’re looking to a) buy a new juicer for the first time or b) upgrade their current juicer.

We don’t do negative reviews. No, this doesn’t mean that we think everything is great, far from it. We just don’t have any interest in reviewing any poor juicers. Every single model that you see on these esteemed pages are of the very highest quality and the Tribest Green Star Elite GE 5000 might, just MIGHT, be the very best of the bunch.

This is one of the most sophisticated juicers that you can purchase for your home – PERIOD. It’s exceptional design, immaculately put together parts and powerful motor makes this a great addition to your kitchen.

But does it stand out from the crowd?

jSo, it depends. If you are looking to really get the best out of your juicing, you will be interested in using leafy greens such as kale, spinach, maybe broccoli etc into your mixes. If that’s the case, then the Tribest Green Star Elite is arguably the best masticating juicer you could purchase.

People love how easily it handles thick and leafy greens. We go into this in more detail below but it is down to a dual slicing technique and technology that Tribest have perfected in this latest model of the machine. We will NOT complain one bit!

Also, you are going to get a higher yield with this juicer than any other juicer on the market. A BOLD STATEMENT INDEED! If you don’t know what yield means in relation to juicing, it is essentially the amount of actual JUICE you get out of each item. IE: we are saying you will get more juice from the spinach/apple/kale/etc that you put in here than any of its competitors on the market right now.

This is because it is a dual-gear horizontal juicer. It was literally designed to excel at masticating and grinding leafy green vegetables in order to extract the most juice and goodness from them. Its two gears work together to provide a three step process of grinding, cutting and shredding. You will notice that this model can handle a particularly difficult vegetable – celery – better than anyone else.

The twin gears work to extract as many nutrients as possible from the fruit and vegetables that you put into it, and you will see that it extracts an awful lot from what you put in. Much more than a centrifugal juicer would ever give you.

Twin Gears? Tell Me More…

tribest So the dual gear system allows for the most complete masticating juicing experience available right now. Tribest say this themselves. They say that whether it is a horizontal or vertical machine, chances are that they are using a single auger, which crushes the veg and fruit and then essentially squeezes as much juice as possible, and then it separates that from the resulting pulp.

They say that this is just one of the chewing functions that true mastication brings. They liken the single auger to the molar teeth that are used to primarily grind the food. The Green Star Elite GSE 500 also slices the food within the process. This gives it a true masticating effect and therefore does a lot more than the single auger machines, or so they would have you believe.

For the most part we agree with them on this point. They use a toothed grinding system to interlock and grind the fruit and vegetables as they pass. This traditionally makes for a higher yield and better quality juice than single auger designs.

The twin gears also add a layer of versatility that you simply won’t be able to get with a single augured machine. For example, it can masticate nuts (perfect for nut butter), grains, and can be used as a mincer. The possibilities you get with the Green Star Elite are a huge advantage.

This is what they’re talking about by offering the market the first true masticating juicer machine. The slicing and grinding combination is indeed a rarity and from our tests it’s obvious that it adds to the experience.

Another thing that the Green Star Elite does is use its adjustable pressure nobs to maximize juice yield. One knob works perfectly for softer fruits and vegetables whereas the other one focuses primarily on harder produce.

The Juicing Process from Start to Finish

juicingHere is what happens inside the Tribest Green Star from when the food goes in to the end…

It enters the Tribest through the chute, and the twin gears immediately get to work. As mentioned above, it mimics the grinding process of the molar teeth in that it grinds.

As the food is being ground by these ‘molars’, the gears work on a slicing motion in the regressed pockets. This clicks into focus particularly when there are carrots or other hard vegetables.

The twin gears have very sharp edges (be careful out there guys!), and these edges effectively slice the food as well as the grinding of the molars. Think of the inner workings of the gears as the molars and these edges as the incisor teeth used to break down and slice the fruit and vegetables.

So, the final produce that comes out has been through all of these processes in a slow and calculated way. The pulp that has become separated goes into its own compartment and is usually exceptionally dry. The remaining juice then is yielded for a long-lasting juice with as many nutrients, enzymes and goodness as possible inside it!



“OK”, you say, suitably impressed. “But what else has it got?”. Well…


So, it has a workhorse of a motor, and it runs at about 110RPM. This is a nice steady pace for reducing any heat production, which means that the juice will last longer than juice produced from a faster juicer. This is because when heat is produced when juicing, the juice becomes oxidized.

This process is best described by biting into an apple and leaving it there for while. You know that browning that occurs? That’s oxidation. The 110RPM motor masticates at a speed that minimizes this and so more enzymes, nutrients and goodness is kept in.

The overall power that guides this 100-110RPM motor is 200W, which is very powerful, without being the biggest beast in the market. This is why it can mash pretty much anything with ease and also without…………


Yep, you got it. Noise. It can mash pretty much anything with ease and also without noise. The noise created by the juicer whilst in operation is more than bearable, it is positively quiet. Honestly, feel free to juice early in the AM with this and you will not hear many complaints. It breezes through its workload efficiently and easily. Perhaps it’s the solid body that masks most of the noise inside the juicer itself. We’re not entirely sure how it works, but hey, we won’t complain!

Ease of Use

It is one of the easiest masticating juicers to set-up and assemble, but you will need to take a bit of care when assembling the twin gears. You will be given instructions to line up the dots to properly install. If you do this correctly you will run into no difficulties whatsoever.

It comes with a few nice touches also, which helps to justify why it is a tad more expensive than other models in its category. It comes with a glass pitcher instead of a plastic one, and it has a great drip tray to prevent making a mess on your kitchen counter. NICE!

You’re going to need to chop up the larger items before using them in order to make sure that they fit down the feeding tube. Again, you won’t need to chop up celery as finely as you would have to most other juicers. It can breeze past it without issue.

This model is absolutely perfect for wheatgrass also. If you’re interested in juicing wheatgrass (and you should be) then look now further. This guy will have absolutely no issues with any of that.

Ease of Maintenance

Parts of the Green Star Elite are dishwasher friendly, and will be perfectly fine going through it. That being said, we would always prefer to handwash than to run it through over an hour of hot water. It really isn’t a pain to clean. All of the parts will wash easily in a few minutes, and so if you have the option to do that, that’s probably the best course of action.

Juice Quality

This is a POWERFUL machine, and you will find that it has no problem running the vast majority of fruits and vegetables through it. You will find that it expels an exceptionally dry pulp. This is always a great sign, as it usually means that the maximum amount of anti-oxidants, enzymes, nutrients and vitamins are being successfully extracted.

As with the vast majority of juicers, there will be some pulp in the resulting juice. This is usually a good sign and most people like it, but if you don’t, it is easily removed with a sieve.

As the heat is very small when this juicer masticates, the juice will last for about 72 hours without issue if kept in a sealed container in the refrigerator. This is such a brilliant aspect of this juicer, and indeed most masticating juicers in general. You can juice in bulk and keep the juice, which you simply can’t do with a centrifugal juicer.

You will find that it can deal with the leafy greens with particular skill. Whether it be wheatgrass (you HAVE mentioned wheatgrass before, right?), kale, cabbage, lettuce, brussels sprouts, collard greens or indeed ANY green veg, you will see it glide effortlessly into the Tribest Green Star Elite GSE 5000 and become juice in no time.

Extra Features

This is such a dexterous and malleable appliance, and shouldn’t be thought of as just a juicer. It is more than capable of making pasta (it comes with the relevant attachments, which is very handy), and is also a homogenizer. WOOP! This means that you can make sauces of all kinds, as well as food for babies, butters from nuts, desserts etc. The possibilities are endless!

PRO TIP: If you soak almonds or soy overnight/for a number of hours, it can make milk! Amazing.

De-Clogging Capabilities

The Green Star GSE 5000 comes with the ability to control the amount of pressure that is exerted and that builds up inside the machine.

This is FANTASTIC for making sure that that foods don’t get clogged up in the machine due to pressures building up and the gears not extracting enough pulp. Hurrah!

Honestly, this is a nice touch that the vast majority of juicers don’t have. It kind of sets it apart.


This has an incredible TWELVE YEAR warranty. Now, if that doesn’t say that the company is confident in its product, then nothing will!  This is such a lengthy warranty that you can buy with ease knowing that if something goes wrong in the next TWELVE YEARS (we have to keep capitalizing it as it really is ridiculously long) then you are covered.


The Tribest Green Star Elite Review that you have just read should give you an indication on just what a special machine this is. It can handle absolutely any juicing request that you will ask of it, and a LOT more, as evidenced by the Extra Features section.

Yes, it is expensive, and if you are on a tight budget, I would recommend going for the Omega J8004 as it is more affordable and still a wonderful juicer. However, if you think that you want to invest in one of the best private juicers on earth for your family’s (and your own) health, then this really is the perfect investment.

The yield from this machine is up to 50% more efficient than other competitors, and so you will certainly save on produce right from the very beginning.

If there is one thing that people give out about on the amazon reviews it is that it can take a bit of time to learn. Yes, a learning curve on your juicer may initially put you off, but when you think about it, this is a complex machine and should be treated as such, particularly after all you are paying for it!

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I hope you enjoyed this Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 review. If you want to read more about the best masticating juicers, we have the definitive article here.