Vitamix 5200 vs 5300: Is There a Difference?

Last updated 2nd January 2018

We all know the importance of having a solid and sufficient counter top blender for your juicing needs. That said, it’s not only for people who are into healthy juices and refreshing beverages but for anyone who loves cooking and meal preparation. It can be used in more ways than one, depending on the specific product that you have knocking around.

If you are having a hard time deciding which one to purchase, then I presume you’ve been doing some reading on the Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 models. We will give you a detailed look at the similarities and differences between the two models, which will hopefully be instrumental in making a well-informed decision (if, of course, you end up liking one of these enough to add to your kitchen!).

A lot of you may assume that the 5300 and 5200 are just the same. After all, the numbers are close to each other right? They look almost identical, right? I mean, what could be that different! However, as you will learn in the rest of this post, they have numerous differences. Which is the better option? I will let you know at the end of this post! THE SUSPENSE MUST BE KILLING YOU.

What's The Deal?


vitamix 5300

The Vitamix 5300

Since these models are so close in the model number is there a significant difference between these two blenders?

In the box these blenders ship in you’ll find their respective motor bases, a Classic 64-ounce Container (Vitamix 5200) or a Low-Profile 64-ounce Container (Vitamix 5300), Classic or Low-Profile Tamper and Getting Started Guide. The Vitamix 5200 also includes a Chef-inspired Cookbook and a Getting Started DVD.

Even though both of these machines are Classic C-Series, the Vitamix 5300 is the only blender that uses a Low-Profile Container, which is commonly used on the newer Next-Generation G-Series models. Both of these machines are backed by Vitamix’s Full 7-Year warranty with free two-way shipping if you should need to use it. The Vitamix 5200 is older than the Vitamix 5300, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good machine. In this comparison, let’s find out if the upgrades to the Vitamix 5300 are worth the extra cost.

The Vitamix 5200One of the most noticeable differences between the two is the fact that 5300 comes with an instructional DVD, which will make it friendlier for beginners. Also, the cookbook contains more recipes compared to the guide that is included in Vitamix 5200.

Containers, Lids & Blades

vitamix 5200Even though these are both C-Series blenders, they have 2 different containers that are not compatible with each other.

The containers are the easiest and most obvious visual difference to spot between these two blenders. Although they are both from the same Classic C-Series of machines, the Vitamix 5200 uses the Classic Container while the 5300 uses the Low-Profile container. The Low-Profile Container is usually only found on the Next-Generation G-Series making this the only blender from a different series to use it. This is helpful to keep in mind if you have low hanging cabinets and would like to be able to add ingredients to the container or use the tamper while the machine is running.

The Blades are made from hardened stainless steel and are dull to the touch. The perk of having the ‘dull’ blades is ensuring a consistent blend that relies on tough blades and brute motor strength instead of razor-sharp blades.

Noise Levels

Vitamix 5300 and 5200 have a noise level of about 98 DB, which is standard for juicers of this type really. Nothing really to report. It’s not quiet, but it sure as hell won’t blow the ears off you either.

The Vitamix 5300

vitamix 5300 frontThis is a best-selling C-Series (CLASSIC). The 5300 model differs from other C-Series Blenders in the following aspects: it’s a low-profile blender that gives consistent processing every time and makes perfect meals for families and hosting guests, Hi/low switch, and slightly higher HP.

How does it work?

It has a laser-cut, stainless steel hammermill and 4-inch diameter of cutting blades that give a consistent blend every time.

What is it good good for?

Chopping vegetables, blending, creaming, grinding, heating, churning, pureeing and doing a lot more with just one blender.


It has a 64-ounce container, the high-performance 2.1HP motor that propels blades through tough ingredients to create the highest-quality blends. It has a pulse feature that chops, purees variable speed control tamper with a special collar design that fits the container processes for thick blends. It prevents the container from hitting the blades.


It fits under most cabinets thus saving kitchen space. It gives high-quality blends with great consistency every time and adjustable speed control gives the variety of textures. You can be in complete control by dialing the speed at any time during the blend. It is great for thick recipes like peanut butter and frozen desserts. It is simple to clean.


64-Oz container is sleek enough to fit under a cabinet and its design features the radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.


The Vitamix 5300 has a brilliant High-Performance 2.1 HP motor.


The stainless steel cutting blade is laser-cut and measures 4-inch diameter along with the hammer mill gives consistent blend. The Official Vitamix websites mention “3-in diameter” blades which seem to be a “copy-paste” error.


Has a new re-designed 64-ounce container that is perfect for making meals for families and for entertaining guests. It fits under cabinets easily.


Cleaning the blender is quite simple. You need to add a drop of dish soap and warm water and run on High setting for 30 seconds.

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The Vitamix 5200

vitamix 5200This model is comfortably the bestselling Vitamix bender that falls in the C-SERIES (CLASSIC) released in the year 2007. That may seem like an awfully long time ago, but this machine is far from dated.

It is a high-performance and versatile kitchen appliance that lets you make healthy meals easily without any attachments. You have total control with the variable speed control dial. This in particularly is a great touch.

How does Vitamix 5200 work?

The super powerful motor blends toughest ingredients, special blade design efficiently grinds grains and prepares the dough. Ten variable speeds give you texture ranging from smooth purees to healthy vegetable soups.

What is Vitamix 5200 good for?

It has a 64-oz container does everything from blending, pureeing, creaming, and a lot more and the 32-oz dry grains container grinds whole grains into bread, cereals, and baked foods.


It has a 64-oz container for blending and 32-oz container for grinding dry grains, 10 variable speed, stainless steel laser-cut cutting blades and hammermill, radial cooling fan, thermal protection system, accelerator tool with a special collar design so that the blades don’t hit the tool, and durable hideaway safety cord.


You can get better nutrition at your fingertips so that you get healthier meals made at home quickly and easily. Get everything from blended, pureed, and thicker mix


64-Oz and 32-Oz containers are easy to store and have a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.


Efficient 2 peak HP, low-friction ball bearing motor to blend the toughest ingredients and last a lifetime.


Stainless steel laser-cut blade measuring 3-inch diameter and hammer-mill. Dry Grains container has a specially-designed blade that grinds grain and makes the dough.


64-oz container lets you blend medium to large batches of ingredients and the 32-oz container grinds whole grains.

They are different when it comes to height. Vitamix 5300 has a low-profile pitcher, which makes it space-efficient. It can easily fit even in shorter cabinets. It has a wider base, which also allows it to accommodate the bigger size of its blade.


It has a self-cleaning feature. Add warm water and a few drops of dish soap and run the blender on High for 30 seconds and rinse the parts out with water.

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The Main Differences/Similarities

Pulse Button

One of the main significant difference between the two is that there is a dedicated pulse button in Vitamix 5300, which can be found on the left side of the control panel. When activated, it will deliver a quick speed burst, which is perfect if you want the outcomes to be more consistent, making sure that there will be no chunks from the ingredients used.


Both Vitamix 5300 and 5200 are corded models. The length of the cord is 6 feet, which is pretty much more than enough for most kitchens. This will allow you to work even without having to be near the socket or source of power.


To provide their buyers with peace of mind, the manufacturer is offering a 7-year warranty for both Vitamix 5300 and 5200. Parts and labor will be covered, which means that repair can be availed for free within the warranty period. Also, it is a good thing that they will even shoulder the shipping costs.

Variable Speed

The two blenders are also the same when it comes to the speed settings. There is a dial in front of the unit, which will allow you to choose from ten-speed settings, with one being the slowest and 10 being the quickest.

Control Speed

From the first look, it is easy to be confused with the design of the control panel as they are nearly identical. They have three main parts. For both models, the one at the middle is the knob for speed and the one at the right side is the button power. In 5300, on the other hand, the left button is for the pulse. For 5200, on the other hand, the button is only for choosing high or variable speed.


It is a good thing that both models have a tamper. This will make it easy to add ingredients and to make sure that they are evenly crushed. Vitamix 5300, however, can be asserted as being slightly better because of its low-profile design and also space-efficient tamper.

Safety Features

The two blenders are also similar when it comes to their safety features. They both have a radial cooling fan. When the blender functions, especially at the highest speed, it will most likely produce heat. The cooling fan allows the heat to be blown out of the motor, and hence, preventing it from getting too hot.

They also have thermal and overheating protection. The latter will minimize electrical hazards and will also be instrumental in prolonging the functional life of the motor and other internal components.

Cleaning Up

Both of these Vitamix machines are able to “clean themselves”, by adding warm water and a small amount of dish soap to the container and turning the machine to low then gradually increasing the speed until the container is clean. Some Vitamixes have a “Self-Cleaning” preset that makes this easier, but I’d still advise giving it a quick scrub with a sponge. While running this preset or running the machine is a good way to break up large leftover contents in the container, it also could lead to the container becoming cloudy from minerals latching to the side of the container over time. The best way to prevent this is to simply use a sponge and clean the inside of the container like you would anything else.

The Pros & Cons

Vitamix 5300


• Slightly more space-efficient compared to 5200

• Comes with a powerful motor for varied applications

• Pulse button for a quick burst of speed


• More expensive compared to 5200

• Can be prone to overheating

Vitamix 5200


• Comes with an affordable price

• Also, has variable speed settings

• User-friendly design and features


• Blade has smaller diameter compared to 5300

• Can produce a loud sound when blending

Parts & Accessories

When you purchase the Vitamix 5300 Blender, here are what you will find in the box:

• New generation motor base

• 64-ounce low-profile container

• Getting Started Plus

• 6-foot cord

• Low-profile tamper

• Instructional DVD

On the other hand, in the case of the Vitamix 5200 Blender, here are what you can find in the box:

• Old generation motor base

• 64-ounce classic container

• Getting Started Guide

• 6-foot cord

• Classic tamper


Vitamix is the clear winner because it came up with two of the best blenders that are available in the market. Go them!

Both the 5300 and 5200 are amazing in terms of their performance and features. They can effectively tackle a wide array of recipes and can be friendly even for beginners in blending.

If you were to ask for my personal opinion, however, I believe that the Vitamix 5300 is the better option. It just slightly edges it.

It is an improvement from 5200, which is an older model. They are the same in terms of their pitcher capacity, warranty, and control panel, among others.

When it comes to differences, on the other hand, the 5300 comes with a more powerful 2.2 HP motor. It also comes with a slightly larger blade, which has a diameter of 4 inches. The container comes with a low profile, making it space-efficient.

They are also different when it comes to height. The 5300 has a low-profile pitcher, which makes it space-efficient. It can easily fit even in shorter cabinets. It has a wider base, which also allows it to accommodate the bigger size of its blade.

I must say though, that I had a 5200 for YEARS and really really loved it. You aren’t going to be lacking for features or quality if your budget will only allow for the 5200.

Hope you enjoyed our Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 review guys, happy juicing!